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There are a lot of people who know of the existence of pallets. For many years, they have been used within the logistics industry to transport certain goods and materials all over the world, but there is actually more to these pallets that meets the eye. Upon a cursory look, a pallet is molded by the business industry by nailing wood together so that they can be created for item storage and can easily be put onto a vehicle for orders. However, businesses have discovered, and are utilizing, aspects about wooden pallets that many others don’t know about. For example, on the top of the pallet is called the deck, and the pieces of wood that proceeds it downwards are called deckboards, and space between the pieces of wood is called deck spacing. It might not seem like much at first glance, but if the pallet isn’t structured just so, it won’t be strong enough to take on the amount of weight businesses will count on it to carry. Another word used by wooden pallet users, the “bearer”, is the piece of wood that “bears” the burden of supporting the deck and making it easy for storage units to be moved via fork lifts. There are a lot of different kinds of jobs that only a wooden pallet will need to do in order to serve the industry well, and they will be selected based on how they are structured.

Not only is the quality of the pallet important, but the way that they are used within the construction of a storage unit is vital as well, since wider deck space is used for lighter burdens while more narrow ones are used for heavier loads. Money is another important figure to think about because a business must keep track of how much money they are using for the construction and usage of these storage units while also assessing if they can hold their goods in a safe and quality manner. It wouldn’t do well to use a pallet that is made out of hefty and costly materials for lighter goods and, just the same, it wouldn’t do well to use lighter material for the sake of transporting heavy cargo. In order to save their money and goods, industries need to match up their pallets which will work best for the loads that need to be transported. But thanks to the studies of scientific experts, there is a system in place that can help the pallet problem.

While leaving room for the industry to choose the species of wood they’ll want to configure in for design purposes, this system will calculate the size and structure of the pallet needed for a specific kind of load. This system will even show what it will look like in 2D and 3D so that they will be able to see how it will look after it’s been manufactured. Before this system was set into place, if there was a need for a stronger pallet, the only thing to do was use more of it, but now the system can tell them how they can more efficiently work with what they have.

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