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Using Hemp For Your Dogs

Are you noticing that your dog is not getting a great superfood? There are some people that would usually think that giving their dog hemp is a bad thing since hemp comes from cannabis but they are really wrong since hemp can really provide a lot of great health benefits to their dogs and that it can be used by any kind of dog.
Why it is important to consider giving hemp to your dog?

You need to know that hemp is actually one of the oldest and most versatile plants that has been dated way back the old century and today, hemp is being used in textiles and food but people are more interested on the oil and hemp seed that it produces.

Not like fish oil, the hemp seed oil has the perfect ratio of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Omega 6 and 3 are important fatty acids which means that your dogs should get them from their diet because they could not produce them. A perfect ratio of the omega 6 and 3 is important for your dogs since these fatty acids will work synergistically in your dog’s body.

You need to be aware that the hemp seeds are also containing a good amount of the omega 6 fatty acid which is known as the GLA or gamma linolenic acid.

Hemp is widely known to fight cancer.

There are a lotof researchers that have discovered that people who have diabetes, skin allergies, and caner do not produce the right amount of GLA, they also found out that this is also common in dogs. Even if GLA is known to be a conditionally important fatty acid which means that dogs are able to produce enough of it, there are still times like exercise and stress where dogs will not be able to produce the right amount of GLA that is why a supplement will be needed.

Hemp can tone down the pains in the joints.

There are some researchers who found out that the symptoms of arthritis are being reduced by as much as 25 percent because of hemp seeds. This is thanks to the perfect balance of the fatty acid that will actually naturally reduce the inflammation.

Hemp will also improve the coat and skin in dogs.
Hemp seeds has been used in soaps and cosmetic products for a long time because of the oil that can penetrate to the inner layers of the skin and improve the growth of cells.

The right balance of fatty acids will also play an important role in reducing the inflammation that is caused by some of the most common skin conditions like granulomas, atopic dermatitis, and pruritic skin disease.

How will hemp seed oil work?
You should know that there is a substance that is found in your dog’s body known as the prostaglandins. They can help regulate the body temperature and other vital functions, control inflammation, and help smoothed the contraction of muscles because they will circulate around the body like hormones.

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